Entry Fountain and Plantings at the National Cancer Institute Riverside
Research Park
Frederick, MD

In 2011, Through the Garden had the opportunity to be creative on a very large scale and show off the full range of our teams’ talents. The water wall and pool fountain featured upon entry of was just the beginning of Through The Garden’s work at the Riverside Research Park. The design and installation project grew to include 1.5 acres that face the National Cancer Institute building on Progress Drive in Frederick, MD.

The completed water feature invites visitors to enter through a floating path and patio for an interactive experience with the water wall. The sound of falling water encourages the perfect opportunity to relax as well as view the water cascading on a stone wall, beautifully crafted by our skilled stone artisans. The contemporary design gracefully compliments the nearby, building’s commanding features of concrete and glass. The fan-shaped design of the fountain cuts into the existing hillside creating a space that is integral with the surrounding landscape while embracing the main entrance of the building.

Follow the Youtube link to experience some of the beauty of this magnificent water feature.

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