The clients asked us to create a multipurpose outdoor living area that would feel like a woodland sanctuary and a world apart even though it was squeezed in to a very closely built suburban neighborhood, so our approach was to leave as much as we could of the existing woodland backyard and create a very secluded sitting area up close to the house that feel like a promontory looking off into a lush woodland world.

We finished space under the deck with a paver terrace that flowed out from the family room onto a lower, much larger, circular terrace with a dramatic 5’ high 12’ wide semicircular stone veneered wall with a large copper fire bowl centered above a wide sheet waterfall spilling into a rock filled reservoir bracketed by two 10’ long stone sitting walls on either side to provide balancing architectural elements and added seating.

Right at the edge of these new stone features we planted an intimate lower story woodland tableaux with 6-7’ specimen Japanese Maples, dogwood and a selection of naturalized shrubs and perennials artfully placed to create the effect of a natural extension of the woodlands with the more delicate “fairy land’ details to be enjoyed close up.

This gave our clients what they lovingly describe as their ‘saving grace’ in a relatively small suburban back yard.

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